Marketing Campaigns

01-November-2022 | Every PagBank client can get a free credit card with no credit score required

08-Sep-2021 | PagBank, the yielding account that yields for us

01-Sep-2021 | Switch to PagBank, the account that yields without any effort

16-Aug-2021 | Switch to PagBank, the account that yields more than savings accounts


27-Apr-2021 | PagSeguro PagBank launches PagPhone

10-Feb-2021 | PagBank, PagSeguro’s free digital account

25-Nov-2020 | Pix PagBank

17-Sep-2020 | PagSeguro PagBank announces the new Certificates of Deposits issued by PagBank, which yields twice more than Poupança

25-Jun-2020 | With Moderninha you get PagBank, the full and free digital bank

30-Apr-2020 | PagSeguro PagBank offers everything so your business can be successful

22-Jan-2020 | PagBank promotes its Savings Account

21-Oct-2019 | Introducing Moderninha X: Our New SmartPOS with Android

16-Sep-2019 | PagBank Launches New Marketing Campaign to Promote its New features: Savings Account and Super App services

15-May-2019 | PagSeguro Launches New Marketing Campaign PAGBANK

30-Apr-2019 | PagSeguro Launches New Marketing Campaign

15-Oct-2018 | Moderninha Smart: Our new integrated Point-of-Sale

1-Mar-2018 | PagSeguro expands portfolio and launches Minizinha Chip, its pocket Point-of-Sale