About Us

Who We Are

PagBank is a disruptive provider of financial technology solutions focused primarily on consumers, individual entrepreneurs, micro-merchants, small companies, and medium-sized companies in Brazil. Among its peers, PagBank is the only financial technology provider in Brazil whose business offers a two-sided ecosystem, providing a superior banking and payments experience through a single interface, with one app, one platform and one customer support.

PagBank is an UOL Group Company and have two main business units: Merchant Acquiring and Financial Services. PAGS provides an easy, safe and hassle-free way of owning a free digital account, linked to the Brazilian Central Bank’s platform, with the feature of accepting payments, where its clients can transact and manage their cash, have a debit or credit card, save money and find a huge portfolio of investments available. Our end-to-end payments ecosystem enables its customers to accept a wide range of online and in-person payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, meal voucher cards, boletos, bank transfers and cash deposits.

Our strategic priorities consists in:

  • Profitable and sustainable growth
  • Revenue diversification with consolidation of financial services
  • Integration of the financial services and payments ecosystem under the PagBank brand
  • 360º Risk Management
  • Focus on human capital

Our Purpose

We are fully comitted to facilitate the financial lives of consumers and businesses

Our Values

  • All for the costumer: with focus, agility, and a sparkle in our eyes, we all work for the client
  • Protagonism: we act as protagonists to do things differently and without fear of challenging the status quo
  • Collaboration: We embrace collaboration and diversity in order to grow
  • Simplicity: We uncomplicate today with simplicity
  • Reliability: Our actions offer security to our clients