Who we are

PagSeguro is a disruptive provider of financial technology solutions focused primarily on consumers, individual entrepreneurs, micro-merchants, small companies and medium-sized companies in Brazil. Among its peers, PagSeguro is the only financial technology provider in Brazil whose business model covers all of the following five pillars:

  • Multiple digital banking solutions;
  • In-person payments via point of sale (POS) devices that PagSeguro provide to merchants;
  • Free digital accounts that PagSeguro provides to its consumers and merchants with functionalities such as bill payments, top up prepaid mobile phone, Uber, Spotify and/or Google Play credits, wire transfers, peer to peer transfers, prepaid credit cards, cash cards, loans, investments, QR code payments, and payroll portability, among other digital banking services;
  • Issuer of prepaid, cash and credit cards;
  • Operate as a full acquirer.

PagSeguro is an UOL Group Company that provides an easy, safe and hassle-free way of owning a free PagBank digital account, which is similar to a regular checking account linked to the Brazilian Central Bank’s platform, with the feature of accepting payments, where its clients can transact and manage their cash, without the need to open a regular bank account. PagSeguro’s end-to-end digital banking ecosystem enables its customers to accept a wide range of online and in-person payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, meal voucher cards, boletos, bank transfers, bank debits and cash deposits.

PagSeguro’s mission is to disrupt and democratize financial services in Brazil, a concentrated, underpenetrated and high interest rate market, by providing an end-to-end digital banking ecosystem that is safe, affordable, simple and mobile-first for both merchants and consumers.